French President Macron Demands Young People Embrace Globalism, Reject National Pride

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French President Emmanuel Macron has warned young voters they must reject nationalism and embrace globalism, namely the European Union.

Both France and Germany are facing a damaging vote as the European Parliament is re-elected continent-wide.

Macron arrived for the first state visit in a near-quarter century, where he urged young voters to embrace globalism.

Macron addressed the German young people to sublimate feelings of national pride in the EU.

Europe can die”, the French President warned if the right wing isn’t defeated, Le Figaro reported.

“We have never had as many enemies inside as outside”, Macron said.

“A form of fascination with authoritarianism is emerging in our democracy.”

Breitbart reported: Presenting his list of European victories that wouldn’t have been possible “if the nationalists had been in charge in Europe”, Macron again showed particular preoccupations by naming achievements like coronavirus vaccines, “decarbonising the economy”, and underwriting Ukraine’s national defence.

The French President also stated, remarkably, that had nationalists been running Europe in recent years there would have been “no capacity to respond to migration challenges”.

The clear implication that open-borders European federalists have some sort of in-built advantage when it comes to border control over nationalists clearly speaks to Macron’s own special perception of reality.

The essential context of the speech is the European Parliament elections taking place next week, with over 700 members up for renewal.

The right-wing is polled to perform particularly strongly across Europe as attitudes sour on globalism and changing attitudes sees rising levels of scepticism towards mass migration.

Among those campaigning in France against Macron’s platform is, for instance, Le Pen dynasty politician Marion Marechal, who shares a platform with veteran journalist and now politician Eric Zemmour.

Marcechal has previous compared the populist-right position in France to President Trump’s America First, proclaiming “France First” and a France for the French.

Such a position is abundantly out of step with the Macron worldview where “nationalisms” threatens democracy.

The greatest challenger to Macron inside France, however, is Marion’s aunt, Marine Le Pen.

Macron has said he will debate with Le Pen before next week’s vote, but it is not yet clear whether that will take place.

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