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Did we say is entirely independent? We may sound like a broken record, however, we cannot emphasize enough that it is our reader’s support which allows us to remain an independent. Unless clearly stated, our perspective is not the opinions of our reporters, but is is derived from cold hard facts, regardless what narrative other media outlets are pushing. We hold ourselves accountable to honest reporting so that our readers can be confident they are consuming ‘straight to the point’ news coverage, without left-leaning ‘opinion’ narratives designed to steer you away from the truth.

Our bedrock promise

Supposition and opinion in reporting are too common these days. Have you ever read something that you agreed or disagreed with, only to later find out it was not true? That type of reporting is what we call ‘opinion-based’ reporting, which often parades itself under the guise of ‘factual reporting.’ It is part of our bedrock promise to avoid these mainstream tactics, and give you nothing but truthful news.

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