Liberal Comedian Makes Sexual Remarks About Man’s 3-Month-Old Son, Instantly Regrets It (VIDEO)

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An angry father responded to a leftist comedian’s “sexualizing” comments about his three-month-old son by climbing on stage and punching him square in the face.

The father, Alberto Pugilato, posted a photo of himself and his three-month-old son on X captioned “Pride and joy.”

However, comedian Jaime Caravaca fired back by writing, “Nothing and no one can prevent the possibility that he is gay, and when he grows up he gets tired of sucking black c***.”

Pugilato responded:

“I assure you that you are going to apologize for what you said about my 3-month-old son and you will discover that real life is not Twitter.”

In Madrid, Spain, on Monday, Caravaca was in the middle of his comic set when Pugilato climbed on stage and punched him in the face, telling him, “Those pedophilic comments about my son…say them to my face…you piece of trash…now!”

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“What were you saying, huh? That my son was going to eat c***? He’s three-months-old. Trash. Now what? Say it to my face … say it to my face now.”

When a man attempted to stop the father, Pugilato said, “I’m sorry. I’m just a father who is defending his child.”

“He has made sexualizing comments about my three-month-old son.”


The father continued telling the liberal comedian, “That has its consequences before calling him a clown and hitting him in the face again.

Following the incident, Pugilato posted, “There is only one thing that is above my honor, and that is the honor of my children and my family.”

He also wrote:

“To no one’s surprise, it turns out that those outraged by a father who defends his children from pedophile comments are the same ones who are moving the Overton window that way. For whatever reason.”

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