WWIII Fears as Ukraine Destroys Russia’s Nuclear Defense Site

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The world stepped closer to World War Three this week after Ukraine destroyed Russia’s radar site, part of the country’s strategic defense against nuclear weapons.

The Armavir radar station, which covers parts of Crimea, was struck by Ukraine’s use of an American Army Tactical Missile system, Defense Express reported.

The radar attack was the first time Ukraine had whacked Russia’s strategic defense, the outlet noted.

The brazen military attack would mean that one of Russia’s nuclear red lines has been crossed, and retaliation could be unprecedented.

The Armavir site allows Russia to defend itself against a potential ballistic missile attack, which is now non-functioning.

“The conditions specifying the possibility of nuclear weapons use by the Russian Federation” include any “attack by [an] adversary against critical governmental or military sites of the Russian Federation, disruption of which would undermine nuclear forces response actions,” Russia’s Basic Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation on Nuclear Deterrence state said in a 2020 statement.

The Western Journal reported: The War Zone noted that the attack followed Tuesday’s tactical nuclear drills conducted by Russia in its Southern Military District, which borders Ukraine.

According to Newsweek, in April, Ukraine struck another radar facility at which Russia based a 29B6 “Container” over-the-horizon radar.

That radar system is also part of Russia’s early warning system.

The extent of the damage in the April attack was unclear, but had radar been put out of commission, it, like the more recent attack, could meet Russian conditions for nuclear war.

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