Angry Farmers Rise Up Against EU Globalists in Brussels – VIDEO

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Convoys of enraged farmers descended in massive numbers on the main European Union offices in Brussels this week as they encircled police to the backdrop of teargas and the stench of burning rubber, sending a brutal message to the WEF-controlled bloc they are not backing down.

To blaring sounds of tractors’ horns, farmers attempted to break police barriers in fierce defiance of their globalist overlords.

The 900 tractors joined the demonstrations coincided with a meeting of EU agriculture ministers.

The protest comes just weeks after farmers first railed against the climate-related rules, forcing many to the brink of bankruptcy.

The farmers argue that it has now become near impossible to make a living in the wake of soaring energy and fertilizer costs and Russia’s war in Ukraine. To make things worse, the farmers also face competition from cheaper farm imports.

As we recently highlighted, the EU’s ‘Sustainable Use Regulation’ (SUR), which aims to reduce chemical pesticides by 50% in 2030, is now pushing many farmers into a corner, giving them no option but to revolt.

Caroline Jaspart, president of the Union of Women Farmers of Wallonia, said, “We need a firm and positive gesture.”

“The main problem is the income, we don’t have a just price that would allow us to cover the costs. There is the administrative burden, the ignorance of those who make laws, everything changes so quickly that we do not have time to comply.”

Meanwhile, videos of the protests began flooding social media:

Not backing down

While layers of security and police guarded the EU offices, some tractor carrying slogans, including “I feed you, but I die,” managed to break through the razor wire in on location.

Other slogans included, “Europe wants us to die” and “Our death is your hunger.”

Meanwhile, some tractors barricaded a main intersection that provides access to the Brussels airport.

Last week, we reported that Pierre Wunsch, the head of the National Bank of Belgium, admitted the EU’s globalist regulations would have negative economic ramifications for its citizens.

The green “transition will not make us collectively richer,” Wunsch told Politico.

“We should be more candid… don’t lure people into thinking that greening carries positive opportunities that could augment GDP and create millions of well-paid jobs.”

On Monday, Ministers urged the EU to quell protests by increasing funding for the Common Agricultural Policy subsidy scheme.

The Financial Times reported:

The CAP, which consumes about a third of the EU’s joint budget and is the oldest of the bloc’s policies still in operation, is designed to provide a steady stream of income to farmers in order to ensure food production.

But as farmers staged their latest protests on Monday over rising costs and environmental regulations, ministers arriving in Brussels to discuss emergency measures to placate farmers said more money was needed.

Charlie McConalogue, Ireland’s agriculture minister, said the CAP budget must be “increased and strengthened” because farmers’ income “hasn’t kept pace” with other sectors, adding: “That is something that we have to address — making sure that the CAP budget addresses the massively important work that farmers do on a day-to-day basis.”

The farmer’s mobilisation against the bloc is stark reminder to the globalist overlords that if you push people to far, no matter what “climate change” narrative you throw around, the only result will be a major uprising.

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