Pfizer CEO: COVID-19 Was a ‘Rehearsal’ for Something Bigger

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted that COVID-19 was just a test “rehearsal” for some much bigger coming down the pipeline.

“I truly think the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us because COVID was, for me, like a rehearsal, prove generali, how you can mobilize an organization and do the impossible, possible, against a main disease,” Bourla said.

The statement is alarming, not just because it pretty much flew under the radar but also due to a recent media reports ramping up the Bird Flu scare-mongering

Years before COVID happened, independent reporters like InfoWars Alex Jones warned of a coming pandemic,

Far from a random prediction, Jones read the Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lock Step, which described how a virus would be used to bring in a world government by implementing masking, checkpoints, and mandatory quarantines.

“Once you have enough technological development, enough science, anything we can imagine, we can do,” Jones said.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if COVID-19 turns out to be a dress rehearsal for “the big stuff,” as Jones put it.

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Pfizer made nearly $37 billion from the vaccine in 2021 alone, and its overall revenues for the year doubled to $81 billion as the role went global.

It later became apparent that Big Pharma was engaging in “pandemic profiteering,” which was highlighted by the fact they were unwilling to share the makeup of their vaccines with drugmakers’ poorer nations.

The group Global Justice Now stated:

“But we’ve let Pfizer withhold this essential medical innovation from much of the world, all while ripping off public health systems with an eye-watering markup.”

The following year, they raked another $100 billion in revenue from the vaccine and COVID-19 treatment pill Paxlovid.

High-profile individuals have gone on the record about a bigger pandemic coming our way.

In 2023, Bill Gates warned that the next pandemic would be “manmade” and “much more brutal.”

“Next time what we’ll have is factories that are able to produce [vaccines] far faster, and so just in months you should be able to make enough for the world,” Gates said.

“So we’ll have enough supply so that prioritization won’t matter because we’ll cover everyone.”

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization have been sounding the alarm about “Disease X,’ a virus they claim will be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.

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