Fauci Brutally Heckled Entering U.S. Capitol: ‘How Many People Do You Think You Murdered?!’ (VIDEO)

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Dr. Tony Fauci faced angry hecklers as he entered the U.S. Capitol to testify before Congress on his failed policies, which he admitted were not backed by science.

Under Fauci’s watch, millions of lives were destroyed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci will testify on Monday before the House Oversight Committee.

Fauci was met at the door entering the U.S. Capitol by conservative journalist Ivan Raiklin, who asked about his disgusting record of lies as he walked by.

“Hey, Tony, are you sad that you’re in the number three spot as it applies to murdering people throughout the entire world after Stalin and Hitler?” Raiklin asked.

“Sir, how many people do you think you murdered based on your policies, along with Mike Pence at the White House Coronavirus Task Group?”

“How much did Mike Pence know about your involvement in taking not only millions of dollars according to the documentation, but also you subsequently funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology that ended up destroying America’s economy, as well as destroying millions of people, whether it was through the Myocarditis-making jabs, the DNA mutilation injections that were never approved by the FDA,” he continued.

“There was a bait-and-switch. It was legally distinct, meaning you were forcing the injections of the emergency use authorized products into our military service members that destroyed our readiness.”

As we reported on Monday, Fauci conceded that certain COVID-19 protocols, including masking children and social distancing, lacked robust scientific backing.

Republicans released the full transcript of their interview with Fauci just days before his public testimony on Monday.

Fauci admitted that his COVID restrictions, which were implemented worldwide, failed to “slow the spread” of the virus.

In his words, Fauci said the “6 feet apart” social distancing guideline was not grounded in data but rather “sort of just appeared.”

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