White House Forced to Issue 9 Corrections to Biden’s Disastrous NAACP Speech

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The White House is doing its best to cover the fact that Joe Biden‘s dementia is becoming uncontrollable, this time by issuing nine corrections to the official transcript of his annual NAACP dinner in Detroit, Michigan.

The official transcript was edited for an array of pronunciation and factual errors.

One correction was when Biden referred to a “pandemic” while he was Barack Obama‘s vice president. The White House edited it to say “recession.”

Biden then said he was “humbled to receive this organization,” which the White House edited to “award.”

The Gateway Pundit reported: Soon after, Biden mentioned that he had just given the commencement speech at Morehouse College, which he called “inspiresing.” This was corrected to say “inspiring.”

“On my watch, more Black Americans have health insurance than ever in all of history. I protected and expanded the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of families $800,000 in prem- — $8,000 in — a year in premiums,” Biden babbled. 

This glaring factual error was corrected to say $800.

Biden also claimed, “We’re cracking down on corporate landlords who keep rents down,” which was changed to, “We’re cracking down on corporate landlords to keep rents down.”

Biden made some additional grammatical errors before referring to the January 6 protesters as “irrectionists,” which the White House corrected to say “insurrectionists.”

During his speech, Biden sought to differentiate himself from former President Donald Trump by referring to him as “unhinged.”

“Look, the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are the core strength of America,” Biden said. 

“That’s why I’m proud to have the most diverse administration in history to tap into the full talents of our country.”

Biden continued:

“We have more African-American, we have more women, we have more minorities in our administration than any other administration in all of history. That’s why we’re doing so damn well.”