Leftist Cardi B Shuns Biden Ahead of Election: ‘People Got Betrayed!’

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Rapper Cardi B, who famously endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 election, has now backtracked on her support for the aging president, declaring she will not be voting for him this year.

She joins a long list of Hollywood celebrities who have ditched Biden after witnessing what he has done to the United States since taking office.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer expressed disappointment with Biden and the Democrats expressing concerns about America’s destructive role in international affairs.

“I feel like people got betrayed,” Cardi B said.

“It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about anybody.”

“Then, it really gets me upset that there are solutions to it,” she said.

“There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f—king thing.”

“[America] don’t pay for endless wars for countries that have been going through s— for a very long time,” she added.

“There’s countries [where] kids are getting killed every single day, but because the [U.S.] won’t benefit from that country, they won’t help.”

“I don’t like that America has this superhero cape on. We never did things to be superheroes. We did things for our own convenience.”

Recently, Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, blasted the significant budget reduction in New York that impacted public services.

“I need you to spread this video. And if something happens to me, it’s because I’m speaking truth,” she said.

“So God forbid something happens to me or my family or some sh*t because n*gg*s is after me because I’m speaking the truth.”

“In New York, there is a $120 million budget cut that’s going to affect schools, public libraries, and the police department.”

“And a $5 million budget cut in sanitation. B*tch, we are gonna be drowning in f**king rats.

The budget cuts were due to the tens of thousands of illegal aliens having flooded New York City as a result of Biden’s open border policies.

The singer was also critical of Biden’s spending priorities, including the funding of military operations in Israel and Ukraine.

“Joe Biden’s talking about like, ‘Yeah, we could fund two wars. We could fund two wars, motherf**kers,'” she said.

“Talking about we don’t got it, but we got it. Like, we’re the greatest nation.”

“No, the f**k we’re not. We’re going through some sh*t right now. Like, say it! We really are f**ked right now.”

It’s a far cry from when Cardi B advocated for black people to vote for Joe Biden back in 2020.

Cardi B demanded “free” Medicare and college tuition and told Biden to ease up on the taxes during an interview.

Unsurprisingly, Biden failed to fulfil any of those promises.

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