Disturbing Footage of Obama Found During P Diddy Raid

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Rapper P Diddy is about to secure his place as the “black Jeffrey Epstein” after footage was reportedly found of former president Barack Obama during sex trafficking raids on his homes last week.

Like Epstein, Diddy knows where the bodies are buried, and we all know what happened next.

Even Suge Knight, the former music executive serving a 28-year sentence in California state prison, warned Diddy his ‘life’s in danger’ because of what he knows.

“Your life’s in danger cause you know the secrets, who’s involved in that little secret room you guys are participating in … you know they’re going to get you if they can,” he said.

Diddy and talk show host Oprah Winfrey were two high-profile celebrities who helped Obama get president.

Diddy has been, and still is, a major political asset to the Democrat Party.

The rapper supported Barack Obama when he was running for his Senate seat and was also heavily active in the political field in the 2000s with his ‘Vote or Die’ campaign, which encouraged young voters to vote for Obama.

The earliest Obama interview with Diddy dates back to the summer of 2004 before he was elected to the Senate.

The rapper reportedly kept damming footage of Obama and Michelle Obama.

Following the raid on the rapper’s homes, the FBI is now reportedly in possession of the footage and is keeping it under tight wraps.

Are we witnessing a large-scale RICO case? Perhaps the biggest organized crime takedown since the New York mafia?

Everyone in the industry knew what Diddy was up to. He was a significant player in a prolific sex trafficking ring, just like Epstein.

And just like Epstein, nobody spoke up.

Now it’s all coming out.

Obama knew.

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