MSNBC Legal Analyst: There Is an Abundance of ‘Evidence’ to Convict Hunter Biden

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MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade said there is now “plenty of evidence” for President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to be found guilty by a jury in his ongoing trial

Hunter is facing three federal gun charges, including providing false statements and knowingly possessing a gun while addicted to crack, as he even admitted in his memoir.

McQuade admitted circumstantial evidence could be crucial to finding Hunter Biden guilty, given his intent is difficult to prove

However, the jury could reach that conclusion based on the significant amount of presented evidence.

“I think what the defense would argue is that although they don’t really contest what happened, that yes, he did buy this gun, all of the facts that happened, that he was using drugs on all the dates that have been introduced, he did not believe himself to be an addict at that time,” McQuade said.

“Proving a defendant’s intent and knowledge and mindset is always the hardest thing for a prosecutor because you can’t read another person’s mind,” she continued.

“And so much of the testimony has been that ‘you didn’t see him on that day, you don’t know that he was using on that day.'”

“There’s certainly been testimony right up around that day. And so it requires a little bit of circumstantial evidence for the jury to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” she added.

“But it seems like there’s plenty of evidence there from which they could draw that inference. So probably a bit of an uphill battle for the defense.”

Prosecutors found material from Biden’s abandoned laptop, which verified Biden’s drug use around the time he bought the gun.

On Monday, criminal defense attorney Bernarda Villalona said Biden should plead guilty because the evidence against him is “strong.”

Law professor Jonathan Turley said it was “really astonishing” how rapidly Biden’s defenses have “collapsed” during the trial.

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