Planned Parenthood Sued for Trafficking Children Out-of-State to Obtain Abortions

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Planned Parenthood is facing a lawsuit for trafficking minors out of state to obtain abortions without parental consent.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed the suit, seeking a court order to block the clinic from subjecting children to such treatment.

“This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood in the State of Missouri,” said Attorney General Bailey, according the press release.

“What they conceal and conspire to do in the dark of night has now been uncovered. I am filing suit to ensure it never happens again.”

“As a father who held my daughter in my arms for the single hour of her life before she died, I know firsthand how important it is to protect life.”

“Our children are the future. It is time to eradicate Planned Parenthood once and for all to end this pattern of abhorrent, unethical, and illegal behavior.”

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Bailey’s lawsuit comes after a years-long campaign to drive Planned Parenthood from the State of Missouri due to its refusal to comply with state law.

Attorney General Bailey lays out Planned Parenthood’s pattern of statutory violations:

  • In 2018, following at least a half-decade of health-code violations, Planned Parenthood’s facility in Columbia was shut down after staff admitted to having used moldy abortion equipment on women for months.
  • Also in 2018, Planned Parenthood physicians conceded in open court that, for at least 15 years, the organization failed to comply with state law requiring physicians performing abortions to file reports when women experience medical complications from abortions.
  • In 2020, the Administrative Hearing Commission determined that even though Missouri law at the time required that the same physician who performs an abortion be the one to notify the woman of the risks of abortion, physicians at Planned Parenthood were not doing so.

Planned Parenthood’s recent criminal behavior was recently caught after an investigative video showed staff admitting they traffic minors across state lines to perform abortions without parental consent.

What’s worse is the Planned Parenthood staff admitted they are doing this “every day, every day, every day.”

The investigation also exposed how Planned Parenthood removes minors from school using altered doctors’ notes, trafficking them into Kansas for abortions, and returning them to avoid the legal requirement to obtain parental consent.

The lawsuit can be viewed here.

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