Top Pharmacist Blows Whistle: Doctors Ordered KILL Patients Before COVID Lockdown

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A British Pharmacist with over 30 years of experience working with the U.K. government has claimed doctors were ordered to roll out deadly drugs ahead of the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Pharmaceutical industry veteran Graham Atkinson said he quit his much-loved profession after witnessing doctors prescribing midazolam, the drug used for executions in the U.S., to patients.

Prior to the first lockdown of March 2020, Atkinson recalled how midazolam and other “just-in-case” drugs were administered to “end the lives” of infected patients on purpose.

“Lots of things changed nationally in early March,” Atkinson said, adding, “The death certification rules were changed. The cremation rules were changed, and the NICE guidelines.”

Atkinson went on to note there was a key change in the NICE NG163 guideline, which was altered to allow those who were “positive” for COVID to “die more comfortably.”

According to The Exposé:

“The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (‘NICE’) is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the U.K. Department of Health and Social Care (‘DHSC’). It is an agency of the National Health Service (‘NHS’) and develops guidance and recommendations on the effectiveness of treatments and medical procedures.”

On October 13 2020, the NICE NG163 guideline was replaced with NG161 (an archived copy of the previous guideline can be found on Wayback Machine.)

The drugs British doctors were to administer to patients infected with COVID-19 are designed to reduce breathing and render them unconscious. Atkinson also added, “And then there are drugs to reduce your anxiety before that.”

“There are five drugs that are used that are commonly called the ‘just-in-case’ drugs,” Atkinson further said.

“For years, these have been used for cancer patients or maybe somebody with COPD, a respiratory disease, that are … struggling to breathe, so they get very distressed just before they die,” he said.

“So, there are drugs to help them feel less anxious about not being able to breathe, drugs to reduce their pain, drugs to relax them, and midazolam, as we know, takes away your consciousness.”

When the five drugs are used together, they can euthanize the patient “peacefully.”

“It’s going to progress you rapidly towards your final days because [your final days are] expected,” Atkinson continued.

While the government claimed at the time there were no viable treatments for COVID, other treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine, helped patients recover without issue.

“We now know all this is false, but what was being told to clinicians at the time was this is a new novel disease,” Atkinson said.

“Because this was the time when people were being put on ventilators and were expiring rapidly around the world. You know we were all seeing it on our T.V.”

“I watched while this happened. I expected as I said, 500 people in the first wave to die [according to what the narrative was saying],” he added.

“But what actually happened was nobody died. There was no difference in our rates of death. In fact, we had outbreak after outbreak in our care homes and we expected it to spread like wildfire and there to be lots of coffins coming out [but that wasn’t the case].”

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