Biden Reassures Voters He’s Not Quitting, But Gets Date Wrong: ‘I’ll Beat Trump Again in 2020’

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President Joe Biden declared he would not step down from his re-election campaign, telling voters he would “beat Trump again in 2020.”

Biden forgot the year he was running.

Biden tried to fight off the rising speculation that he would drop out amid increasing calls from many donors and prominent Democrats for him to leave the race.

During an appearance in Wisconsin, Biden spoke to supporters as an attendee behind him carried a sign reading “Pass the torch, Joe,” according to the New York Post.

“There’s been a lot of speculation: What’s Joe going to do?” he said.

“Is he going to stay in the race? Is he going to drop out?” Biden added.

“Here’s my answer: I’m running and going to win again,” he said.

“I’m the nominee of the Democratic Party,” Biden said.

“You voted for me to be your nominee — no one else.

“Some folks don’t seem to care who you voted for. Guess what? They are trying to push me out of the race.”

“Let me say this as clearly as I can: I’m staying in the race,” Biden said.

“I will beat Donald Trump,” he said.

“I will beat him again in 2020.”


Biden Reassures Voters He’s Not Quitting, But gets Date Wrong: ‘I’ll Beat Trump Again in 2020’ Biden #2024

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Just 24 hours before the appearance, Biden declared himself to be “proud to be a black woman.”

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“By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman … to serve with a black president,” he told WURD radio.

According to a post by Ben Smith on Semafor, the issues run deeper than words, and Biden might not be in the loop when policy decisions are made

Smith wrote that it was an official with regular access to the West Wing, was not in Biden’s “tight inner circle,” and was “a serious person.”

“It’s unclear even to some inside the West Wing policy process which policy issues reach the president, and how,” he wrote.

“Major decisions go into an opaque circle that includes White House chief of staff, Jeff Zients (who talks to the president regularly) and return concluded,” Smith wrote.

“I’m super proud of the policies. I’m talking to you because I’m incredibly upset and scared for the country and I would like to do what I can,” Smith quoted his source as saying.

Smith also said White House aides fret over the “lack of briefings to the president” and “worry about the possibility of decisions’ being made without him.'”