3 Healthy Footballers Collapse Suddenly on Live TV – VIDEO

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Three professional footballers with no prior health conditions suddenly collapsed within just days of each other, adding to an extensive list of athletes mysteriously falling ill since the rollout of the “safe and effective” vaccine.

The first was Chile international Javier Altamirano, who collapsed after suffering a seizure during a game for Estudiantes de la Plata Last week.

The disturbing video footage shows the player’s legs visibly shaking as his teammates looked on in tears

Altamirano’s pregnant wife was in the stands and went with him to hospital following the incident.

“There are many things more important than a game,” Estudiantes manager Eduardo Dominguez said. “Life comes before any situation.”

“It was very difficult to continue, I entered the locker room and the players were crying… Altamirano’s wife, pregnant, was in the stalls, now she is with him.'”

The second was Orlando Pirates midfielder Makhehlene Makhaula, who collapsed on the field on Tuesday.

The announcer was disturbed by the incident, saying, “World football, unfortunately, has been subject to so many distressing scenes on the pitch over the last few years.”

“The 34-year-old had to be stretchered off the field after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. He was treated by the club’s medical team with assistance from the medics and promptly transferred to Milpark Hospital,” Times Live reported.

The third was 30-year-old Egyptian footballer Ahmed Refaat, who collapsed on the pitch during a match between his club Modern Future FC and Ittihad on Wednesday.

Refaat suffered heart failure and was taken to hospital.

Club’s medical supervisors said they hadn’t seen anything like this in their entire career.

Resuscitation efforts lasted over an hour before the player’s heartbeat was restored.

Refaat remains hospitalized in an unstable condition.

It’s only Wednesday and we have already seen three healthy athletes collapse on the pitch. Anyone with a single functioning brain cell knows this isn’t normal.

In the good old days, footballers collapsing on the pitch was very rare. Now, it happens so much, we are becoming completely desensitised to it.

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