British Police Arrest Man for Expressing Anger About Sydney Bishop Stabbing

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Police have arrested a British man after he expressed anger online about the stabbing of a Bishop in Sydney by an Islamist.

On Monday, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was stabbed by a 16-year-old boy at the Assyrian Christ the Good Shepherd church.

The horrifying attack was caught on video as the Sermon was being live-streamed, which ignited anger and upset across the globe.

However, when an Orthodox Christian man vented the same anger after seeing the video, he received a home visit from the police and a psychologist.

What was his crime? It appears to be “Wrongspeak.”

He reportedly posted, “Christians must stand up.”

The video shows a female officer explaining how authorities had “a few concerns” about the man’s social media post.

“So why are you here today?” asks the man.

The woman replies that police have been told the man “might have a few concerns, a few things that are bothering you at the moment.”

“This is religious discrimination,” responds the man.

“People raised concerns about your views…about what’s going on in Australia,” the police officer continues.

“Yeah, so I’m an Orthodox Christian, now you’ve turned up at my house because I went and seen my priest,” the man responds.

The NHS psychologist reiterated that there was a report about “some beliefs being expressed,” and they were there to help the man.

“So because I’ve questioned about the church not acting on behalf of Christians, you’re now turning up here with mental health nurses assuming I’m some right-wing nutter,” the man responds.

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