Mainstream News Anchor Swallows Large Fly Live on Air – (VIDEO)

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Boston 25’s morning news anchor Vanessa Welch left viewers in disgust after she appeared to swallow a fly after it fell into her mouth during a report.

What appeared to be a a fly or a large clump of eyelashes fell into her mouth as the anchor continued speaking without missing a beat.

However, the anchor did appear to involuntarily wince as she consumed the object, suggesting it may have been a fly.

Social media lit up following the incident, with many horrified while others were impressed with her professionalism.

Decider reports:

“That is professionalism right there,” wrote one Instagram user, while another commented:

“Nah she needs a raise, she didn’t even bat an eye (Well she sorta did)”

Another user wrote:

“I have NEVER seen that level of professionalism DAMN,” while another shared: “My natural instinct would have kicked in straight away and I’d have been a screaming wreck flipping tables and spitting that damn thing out my mouth.”

Some viewers are speculating that it was just a clump of a fake eyelash that Welch may have been wearing.

“Losing an eyelash is already embarrassing, but swallowing it on live TV? That’s next-level awkward!” commented one user, while two others wrote: “Tell me that was an eyelash, tell me that was an eyelash,” and “Guys. It was just a cluster lash that fell off.”

Welch has not publicly confirmed whether it was a fly or not.

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