BBC Admits Latest Trump Trial Is the “Weakest Criminal Case”

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The British state-owned BBC published an article admitting that the latest circus-like Donald Trump trial is the “weakest criminal case.”

Reporting on the courtroom scenario, the BBC said that the Trump trial has become so desperate and theatrical that no one is even paying attention. 

The BBC reports:

We can add to all that the widely held view that the Manhattan trial is by far the weakest of the four criminal cases Donald Trump faces.

It is built on a bookkeeping offence – the alleged falsification of reimbursements to Michael Cohen – the man who paid off Stormy Daniels – as legal fees rather than as hush-money payments.

The case relies on what would ordinarily be a misdemeanour being elevated to the more serious category of felony because of the alleged attempt to improperly influence an election.

The outlet also noted that Americans have reported feeling “bored” or “angry” rather than interested in the trial.

According to recent polls, that sentiment shows similar trends.

Meanwhile, pundits and pollsters who initially expected to see some sort of significant national moment in Manhattan’s criminal trial now believe the outcome might be more of a letdown than a dramatic conclusion.

Despite weeks of testimony and media attention for the history-making spectacle of Trump, Americans appear strangely detached.

Just 16% of respondents said they’d been following the trial “very closely,” a recent YouGov/Yahoo News poll said.

Other polls showed similar results.

The BBC also notes that efforts to “get Trump” may fall flat because the public isn’t on board.

The public’s seeming indifference to the case shows that the public isn’t buying the charade.

If the BBC are noticing the charges against Trump are ridiculous, then the world will soon know the truth.

Trump has always denied that he had any sexual relations with Stormy Daniels.

Lawyers said she used her notoriety from the allegation to make money, including a range of merchandise, with even a “Stormy, saint of indictments” candle.

Trump defence attorney Susan Necheles said that the porn star had “a lot of experience making phony stories about sex appear real”.

“Wow,” Daniels shot back.

“The sex in those films is very much real – just like in that hotel room,” she continued, adding that, if the story were made up, she would have “written it to be a lot better”.

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