Biden Advances Agenda to Eradicate Farmland in Preparation for ‘Synthetic Food’

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The globalist’s plan to desolate American farmland is well underway as Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency advances its plot to bankrupt food processing facilities across America as part of its plot to implement “synthetic food.”

Under the guise of achieving “Net Zero,” farmers across America and the world are facing complete financial ruin as millions of acres of farmland are bought up, while thousands of food processing plants are put out of business to fight “climate change.”

This is why farmers across Europe have been protesting against the WEF-controlled bloc after it implemented draconian climate-related rules, making it impossible for them to survive.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., a newly introduced wastewater rule will allow major corporations like Tyson Foods, who recently announced its transition from meat to “insect farming,” to dominate the market and drive out real food from the reach of Americans.

According to author Dr. Vernon Coleman, the recent moves by the globalists are part of a much sinister agenda.

“Nowhere is there more incomprehensive jargon than there now is intruding into the world of farming,” Coleman says.

“Many farmers have been pressured into supporting the absurd re-wilding programme which is promoted with such enthusiasm by the climate change believers.”

“The conspirators’ plan is to reduce the amount of land available for growing food in order to create food shortages, starvation and a consequent, inevitable reduction in the size of the global population. The aim is to allow between a third and a half of all land to go wild.”

However, the war against farmers isn’t without pushback.

Last week, a group of U.S. senators slammed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plans to destroy rural economies, calling on them to withdraw the wastewater proposal.

In a letter to EPA officials, the lawmakers said:

“Given the technical complexity and high costs of wastewater treatment alterations, coupled with the massive expansion of the number of regulated facilities, a 60-day comment period demonstrates EPA is not interested in seeking meaningful input from the regulated industry. As such, we urge EPA to withdraw the rule,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to EPA officials.

“The proposed rule exposes hundreds of operators to a new regulatory regime with significant costs and a disregard of the ramifications on stakeholders … We are concerned the number of potential closures is likely much higher than estimated, and we believe it is irresponsible for EPA to propose regulations that will arbitrarily close plants and eliminate jobs from the rural economy,” they continued.

“The EPA on January 24, 2024 published its proposed changes to the Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs) for Meat and Poultry Products (MPPs). The guidelines apply to wastewater discharged by meat and poultry processors and renderers, as defined in a Clean Water Act program.”

“The revisions EPA has put forward consist of three options, impacting between 844 and 1,618 facilities. Currently, MPP ELG guidelines affect just 180 facilities. Per EPA, this proposed regulation could close 16 MPP facilities under Option 1, 22 under Option 2, and 53 under Option 3. MPP processors support rural jobs and are key links in the national food supply chain.”

“The 60-day comment period on the rule closes March 25. EPA has announced it does not plan to issue an extension. Such a tight window does not give stakeholders adequate time to submit meaningful feedback.”

The elites believe they have the right to control and eliminate large portions of the population by means of using food as a weapon. They want the world for themselves, and it doesn’t include us humans.

As Coleman went on to warn, “In order to ensure that neither farmers nor members of the public encroach on land that has been set aside for rewilding (and the first re-wilding program was introduced by the European Union some years ago in a scheme which was called ‘set aside’) wild animals are being released.”

“Today, most farmers see their problems occurring as a result of stupidity, ignorance, or a failure to understand their needs.”

“But what is happening to them is nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand – it’s all deliberate and quite cold-blooded.”

“More and more European countries are now dependent on imports for most of their food and energy supplies. And most of our food will be made in factories owned by billionaires.”

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