Christian Pastors Caught Taking ‘Bribes’ from Govt to Push COVID Shots

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Thousands of American ‘Christian’ pastors pushed COVID-19 vaccines on their congregants via a government program called “Faith4Vaccines,” according to a report.

America Out Loud explained how the pastors took government cash bribes through the scheme, born out of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Community Corps.

The supposed “faith leaders” sold out their followers to Big Pharma, many of whom are now dead or injured as a result of the vaccines.

The COVID-19 Community Corps has 86 founding members, most of whom fall into the “faith leaders” category.

These include:

  • American Baptist Church
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • Episcopal Church
  • National Association of Evangelicals
  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • New York Jewish Agenda

Government officials carefully manipulated scripture and biblical concepts in order to trick faith leaders into pushing the COVID-19 jabs, which was something Jesus wanted them to do.

In 2021, former National Institutes of Health (NIH) “Reverend-Doctor” Francis Collins claimed that COVID jabs were God’s “answer to prayer,” urging faith leaders to push the shots as part of a “love your neighbor moment.”

America Out Loud reported:

“In what was a sermon-like address tailored to appeal to these faith leaders, Collins admonished them not to believe ‘conspiracy theories’ about ‘possible side effects’ – which Collins falsely said were untrue.”

Other deep state officials convinced pastors to push the shots because of some moral obligation, with many of them falling for it and crafting topical sermons about “getting protected” to protect their neighbors against COVID.

Meanwhile, another program called “Faith in the Vaccine” was used to manipulate Americans to put their trust in COVID-19 jabs to cleanse America from the “pandemic.”

The outlet added:

“As demonstrated at the Faiths4Vaccines National Summit, powerful government officials resorted to the use of religious doctrine to coerce faith leaders across the country to use their own spiritual influence, positions of trust, and sacred spaces to push the vaccines on their congregants.”

“Government officials claimed to know God’s position on the issue of the COVID-19 vaccines, failing to consider other perspectives or engage in open debate.”

“In claiming that their vaccine’ theology’ was the correct interpretation, our government leaders implied that any faith leaders with a different view opposed God or had an incorrect understanding of God.”

Four years on, it’s now clear many religious leaders were duped, as the population reals from chronic illness and death.

“In reality, the purpose of the ‘pandemic’ Purim was to largely target White Christian nations – which had the highest vaccination compliance rates – and the highest death rates due to the ‘vaccines’ – upwards of at least 20 million deaths and counting,” the outlet said.

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