‘Scorched Earth:’ Democrats May Have Only One Option to Defeat Trump in 2024

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With President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign in deep trouble as the 2024 presidential elections draw closer, the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House could literally turn the Democrats into a dangerous cornered animal.

The Democrats are known for not playing fair, and as more voters ditch the party, with many shifting to Republican, their dirty tricks will only become more brutal as we head closer to the election.

If the 2020 election is anything to go by, when the U.S. and the world suffered the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we can only expect another significant catastrophe of a similar magnitude in 2024.

Even former President Donald Trump warned last year that “left-wing lunatics” are looking to reimplement COVID lockdowns to “interfere” with the election and stop him from taking back the White House.

Meanwhile, conservative pundits like Tucker Carlson warned that the 2024 will be “like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

“I bet my house on that next year is going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” he said, adding, “As you stare down the next 12 months, accept the fact that your senses are telling you the truth.

Last month, the Colorado Supreme Court disqualified Trump from the 2024 ballot based on Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which bans public officials who have “engaged in insurrection” from public office.

However, the Democrat’s desperate ballot banning could go in Trump’s favor and gain him more support, as we have seen with the indictments he faces for trying to overturn the 2020 election, alleged hush money payments, and classified documents case.

So what if Democrat’s attempt to ban Trump from the ballots doesn’t work? According to Tucker Carlson, the next step would be “assassination.”

“You know, graph it out man! We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously,” Carlson said, adding, “No one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion.”

While a Trump assassination could well be the Democrat’s ‘scorched earth’ strategy, given that such an event would no doubt spark a civil war, it does not say such a war wouldn’t start under other circumstances.

We already have the establishment media banging the ‘civil war’ drum by utilizing the January 6 Capitol riot as a major signal the U.S. is swamped with so-called “domestic terrorists,” a term FBI director Chris Wray used to describe Trump supporters.

As Forgigenpolicy.com writes, civil wars have common traits:

“Civil wars are unique in their specific causes, the ways they escalate from clashing interests to violence and the ways they de-escalate, but all civil wars share at least three features in common. First, most civil wars follow some prior conflict (often a previous civil war or, more accurately, the highly skewed and politicized memory of a past civil war).”

While this may be true in some respects, what we are facing in 2024 is unprecedented, with many more varying factors coming into play.

Firstly, we already have a growing number of U.S. who no longer trust the establishment media.

According to a Gallup poll, just 7% of Americans have “a great deal” of trust and confidence in the media, and 27% have “a fair amount.”

The Poll noted:

“Meanwhile, 28% of U.S. adults say they do not have very much confidence and 38% have none at all in newspapers, T.V. and radio. Notably, this is the first time that the percentage of Americans with no trust at all in the media is higher than the percentage with a great deal or a fair amount combined.”

While this is primarily a good thing, it also opens people up to inflation from the ‘so-called’ alternative media. As the mainstream loses its grip on the narrative, it also splinters the collective unity of Americans, who are basically in the process of having their belief systems shattered.

So what we have now is like a ‘void’ or ‘vacuum,’ where the process of Americans waking up from the propaganda can also give rise to people rejecting the system altogether. Is that a good thing? Well, yes and no.

First, rejecting a political system does allow people to act somewhat in sovereignty but creates disadvantages when they can no longer complain about the state of their cities and neighborhoods. Regardless of any argument, both sides can agree that Americans have never been more divided.

There is no question that 2024 will be unprecedented, and while no one can truly predict what will happen, there is a saying: “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.”

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