Leaked Military Docs Warn of WWIII, Hundreds of Thousands of Troops Deployed

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Leaked classified German military documents have warned of a looming World War Three between Russia and NATO, in which hundreds of thousands of troops are deployed across Europe.

According to the German newspaper Bild, documents from the Bundeswehr labelled “Classified Information – For Official Use Only” outlined a “path to conflict” between Russia and NATO.

The worrying part is the documents say the major war could begin as early as next month.

The German military outlined a terrifying scenario where the Kremlin would begin a mobilization of 200,000 soldiers while launching a new effort to capture Kyiv, Ukraine.

The move would be followed by what the documents say a “series of cyber attacks” and other digital hybrid warfare intended to destabilize the Baltic states.

The documents also say that Russia would deploy 50,000 soldiers to western Russia and Belarus by September, building a military presence along the Polish and Lithuanian borders while also deploying medium-range missiles between Lithuania and Poland to pre-empt attacks from NATO.

The German military also predicted that in December 2024, the time when the United States will be in a transition period between presidents (assuming Joe Biden is defeated), a border conflict with “riots with numerous deaths” will be sparked by Russia in the Suwałki Gap.

The ensuing border crisis would be then used as justification for Russia to deploy soldiers onto NATO territory while the U.S. is in a state of flux, according to the document.

The German military also predicted that this crisis would ignite a full-scale war between the West and Russia, with hundreds of thousands of troops deployed across Europe.

Bild reports that the plan is “apparently being taken seriously’ by the military.

The increasing fears of a full-scale conflict with Russia came after Swedish Civil Defence Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin bluntly told his citizens: “There could be war in Sweden.”

Bohlin called for a nationwide effort to prepare for war, saying that “individual citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, and managers in public administration” must prepare for the conflict.

Following his speech, Sweden’s mental health helplines were flooded with desperate calls from youths scared by the prospect of World War Three. Children’s rights organisation Bris reported a massive uptick in the number of callers worried about war.

In the U.K., Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced that Britain would deploy 20,000 troops, fighter jets, and warships to Europe for the largest NATO military exercise since the end of the Cold War.

The British defense secretary warned, “2024 must mark an inflection point.”

“In five years’ time, we could be looking at multiple theatres, including Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea,” he said, adding “Ask yourself … is it more likely that that number grows or reduces? I suspect we all know the answer. It’s likely to grow.”

Estonian Prime Minister also issued a major warning on the coming conflicts.

The Daily Mail reported that Kaja Kallas said, “Our intelligence estimates it to be three to five years, and that very much depends on how we manage our unity and keep our posture regarding Ukraine.”

“Because what Russia wants is a pause, and this pause is to gather its resources and strength. Weakness provokes aggressors, so weakness provokes Russia.”