Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Remarks About Trump Come Back to Haunt Him Amid ‘Sex Trafficking’ Probe

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As federal Homeland Security Investigations agents descended on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ property as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation against the Rapper, his past remarks about President Donald Trump in 2020 have begun to make the rounds on X.

Four years ago, the rapper called for President Trump to be “banished” as he ramped up efforts to jail sex traffickers.

Fast forward to 2024, Trump is headed for another landslide Presidential win, while alleged “sex pervert” “Diddy” is at the center of a massive sex trafficking probe.

The year of the boomerang!

As The Daily Mail reported:

Combs, 54, who is facing mounting sexual harassment and rape lawsuits, was nowhere to be seen as agents combed through his homes in Los Angeles and Miami, removing boxes and bags of evidence.

Fans may well have already seen the property’s vast interiors and exteriors, with the father-of-seven previously sharing regular Instagram posts from the Holmby Hills residence he bought in 2014.

The European-style villa has about 17,000 square feet of living space, and there’s an accompanying 3,000 square-foot guesthouse.

The sprawling grounds cover one acre and boast a ‘lagoon-style swimming pool with a grotto connected by an underwater swimming tunnel’, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Inside, the home includes eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a 35-seat theatre and its very own fitness studio, the subject of many posts shared by Combs.

Elsewhere there’s a separate spa house with an accompanying steam room, and – according to TMZ – a massage room and beauty salon.

Diddy has also shared posts from the property’s enormous kitchen, complete with gleaming metallic surfaces and glass fronted cupboards.

A police line was set up around the Los Angeles house, where at least two men were put in handcuffs, following the arrival of Homeland Security on Monday.

According to more reports, the black Gulfstream 5 owned by Diddy Combs touched down in Antigua on Monday following the sex trafficking raid.

TMZ tracked Combs’ private jet to the Caribbean island, but it is unclear whether Combs is on the Gulfstream 5 in Antigua.

The feds detained the rapper’s two sons, King and Justin Combs, on Monday.

TMZ reported:

Diddy’s homes were raided in the U.S. to kick off the week — but the guy’s own private jet is miles away in a completely different nation … although it’s unclear if he’s aboard himself.

TMZ has tracked Diddy’s personal LoveAir LLC jet — the well-known black Gulfstream 5 that Diddy has flaunted and flown for years now — and it looks like the aircraft is currently on the ground in Antigua … which is down in the Caribbean.

Based on the flight activity, viewed by TMZ, Diddy’s jet has been up and down California between Sunday and Monday — taking off from Sacramento Executive Airport Sunday evening around 5:30 PM PT and landing at Palm Springs Int’l Airport about an hour later.

More on the Boomerang effect from WLT report:

I keep saying it feels like 2015 all over again!

I started saying that about 3-4 months ago and it’s become more and more true ever since.

Can you feel it?

Have you noticed?

What exactly do I mean by that?

What I mean is in 2015 everything just kept aligning.

Every attack against Trump would fall off him like Teflon but then boomerang back around to take down the person who launched it.

In fact, it became so obvious and so fascinating that we nicknamed it the “Trump Boomerang Effect”.

In 2019/2020, everything felt “off”.

Things were not right.

Whether that was all “part of the plan” and “part of the script” or not remains to be seen, but nothing felt right at that time, leading to the incredibly fake and wrong stolen election.

But this time around in 2023 as we head into 2024?

It just feels like 2015 to me all over again!

So much so that the Trump Boomerang Effect has returned!

Meanwhile, the $355 million ruling against Trump was designed to bankrupt him, prohibiting him from conducting real estate business in New York City for the next three years.

However, the move could very well take down the great New York City instead.

Below is a video of Fox News saying this could “Boomerang” around and bankrupt New York City.

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