Joe Rogan Laughs Uncontrollably After Playing Clip of Media Claiming Biden Is ‘Sharper Than Ever’

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Joe Rogan roasted Joe Scarborough after playing a clip of an MSNBC segment in which the host claimed Joe Biden was “sharper than ever.”

The podcaster and comedian played the clip of Scarborough, which started with his rant, which ended with an “F you” to the viewers, “if you can’t handle it.”

“This version of Biden — intellectually, analytically — is the best Biden ever,” he said, causing Rogan fall into a fit of laughter.

“And these people say that Trump’s a liar!” joked his guest.

“We’re in a Coen brothers movie,” Rogan said.

“I don’t know how many people tune in… but can you imagine watching after that,” the guest asked. “Yes, I’d wake and bake and let’s go,” Rogan joked.



Joe Rogan Laughs Uncontrollably after Playing Clip of Media Saying Biden Is ‘Sharper than Ever’ JoeRogen Biden

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Scarborough and other MSNBC hosts have shown they are nothing more than Biden campaign parrots by continuing to defend the president.

Earlier this week, Joy Reid flipped out following the fallout from Joe Biden’s catastrophic debate performance.

Reid declared that even if Biden is “in a coma,” she will be voting for him to “keep Hitler out of the White House.”

During last week’s debate, Biden experienced multiple mental lapses and verbal stumbles and ultimately was destroyed by former president Donald Trump.


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