China’s Media Tells World to ‘Prepare’ for Return of Donald Trump

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The Global Times, China’s state-run newspaper, published an article urging the world to “prepare for the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected as president” ahead of the former president scooping a landslide victory in the Iowa primary caucuses.

Republicans, MAGA, and Trump allies celebrated the 45th president’s decisive win on Monday, the largest margin in the Republican contest’s history.

Former Trump critic turned supporter Megyn Kelly called his victory “stunning.”

“Trump wins Iowa easily. Honestly – what a comeback versus where he was after 2020. It’s truly stunning,” Kelly wrote on X.

The Global Times gave its assessment of the Iowa caucuses, predicting that Trump would likely become the Republican presidential nominee.

“As the US election year race kicks off in Iowa on Monday, experts suggest that the world should prepare for the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected as President of the US and a United States that is more divided,” the Global Times wrote.

The outlet continued:

“Chinese experts believe that judging from the current situation, Trump is unchallenged within his party, and once the general election phase begins, Biden may not be a strong opponent for Trump.”

“This means the world may need to prepare for the possibility of Trump returning to power and a more divided US with fighting between the political parties getting worse,” the newspaper added.

The outlet also noted how Trump’s popularity completely outshone South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis while also being propelled by Joe Biden’s low job approval.”

Global Times “expert” Lü Xiang said, “The polling data in the US is quite transparent, and Trump’s approval ratings indicate that he is still a very competitive candidate. The world should be prepared for this.”

The biggest obstacle to Trump’s return, according to The Times, is the ongoing efforts by Democrats to remove him from state ballots, such as Maine and Colorado.

The newspaper added:

“The main problem for Trump lies in legal battles, Liu Weidong, a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Science told the Global Times on Monday.”

“For Trump, the main concern is whether these lawsuits will have a significant impact, especially if new evidence emerges that could further harm him, Liu said.”

According to a report from Xinhua, experts” said the former president needed to “get 50 percent [support in Iowa] to demonstrate to voters that he is capable” while also remaining competitive among Evangelical voters.

“This year marks interesting caucuses because evangelicals are not unified behind a single candidate, as they often are,” Xinhua said

Meanwhile, the British newspaper The Telegraph wrote an article titled, “Trump’s path to the Whitehouse is now clear.”

“The fact that Trump won a majority of the vote, however, puts all this activity into focus. The outlet wrote, “You can’t beat someone who wins a majority, and most states after New Hampshire will look more like Iowa than New Hampshire,” the outlet wrote.

“Haley only won 15 percent of the vote among self-described Republicans and only 14 percent among conservatives. She has no prayer of winning her home state of South Carolina’s primary on February 24 with numbers like that no matter how many moderates she persuades to back her.”

Indeed, many establishment media outlets are admitting that Trump is now defying political gravity and is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee.

The next stop is the White House.

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