Top Doctor Blows Whistle on Exploding Cancer Rates: ‘Vaccinated Are Dying’

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Amid recent reports of exploding cancer rates around the world, a recent revelation from a top pathologist has shed light on the “phenomenon” affecting many of those who received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, explosive reports emerged that cancer rates in young people soared by 79 percent, while deaths have risen 28 percent, as studies suggest the trend will continue to increase by 31 percent into 2030.

Since the vaccine rollout, nearly every country around the world has experienced a surge in “aggressive cancers” in those under 50 years old.

Out of those countries, Australia has seen the highest number of cancer diagnoses, with a rate of 135 per 100,000 people.

New Zealand comes in second, with the second highest rate of cancer at 119 cases in people under 50 per 100,000 people.

The exploding cancer rates are also seen in countries like Japan and South Korea.

Meanwhile, the United States saw 87 cases per 100,000 people under 50 years old, while the U.K. saw 70.5 cases per 100,000 people.

According to a top pathologist, Ivana Pavic, the frightening cancer explosion is due to a large bulk of the population receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pavic said that 65 percent of all carcinoma cases among those aged between 15 and 59 received one or more COVID injections, with a 55 percent vaccination rate overall in the same age group.

This means that those vaccinated have a 52 percent increased chance of getting cancer.

“You don’t expect to have lots of malignant diseases diagnosed in the 15 – 55 age group; you expect to diagnose such diseases in the age group 64 and older.”

“It’s important to note that all newly diagnosed carcinomas took the jab in 2021. In my hospital, we had 780 newly diagnosed carcinomas in the age group 55 and younger, with 560 of whom took one or more jabs. So this is 65% of the overall number of cancer diagnoses who took the jab.”

“What I found interesting was 150 of those people were diagnosed with cancer within six months of taking the jab,” Pavic noted, alluding to the rapid “turbo cancers” breaking out across the world.

Investigator Steve Kirsch, who spoke with Pavic, revealed that many other doctors have been blowing the whistle on “turbo cancers,” adding that it’s an “open secret” among healthcare providers that the cancer explosion is being treated as a “vaccinated thing.”

“While initially, the turbo cancers seem to only happen in the vaccinated, I have three friends / acquaintances in my larger circle of UNVACCINATED that died of fairly sudden cancer,” Kirsch said.

“Not all of them would classify as a turbo, possibly, one was for certain an issue with a GPs questionable care,” he continued, adding, “There is more and more live blood cell analysis evidence that now the unvaccinated blood shows similar inclusions or challenged blood profiles as initially was only seen in the vaccinated.”

In simpler terms, no one is safe. Vaccine shedding is also causing those who avoided getting the shot to fall into the risk category.

Another doctor also added weight to this, revealing she saw a massive increase in cancer in unvaccinated friends, though these friends supposedly tested “positive” for the “virus” or Delta or Omicron variants.

“I continue to say that the creation of the manipulated Spike Protein is the issue that MUST be addressed because that, IMHO, is what is causing almost all of the damage, whether through cancer, cardiac issues, autoimmune diseases, etc.,” this person added.

“People who took the shots certainly have a higher concentration of spike since there is evidently no mechanism for the body to stop making it, but too many people who did not take the shots are also facing significant health issues.”

The news comes just weeks after British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen revealed a Senior Cabinet Minister told him he would “die of cancer soon” because he had the jab.

Bridgen said the unnamed senior Minister told him that he would be “dead of cancer soon” because he took the vaccine.

“You can speak out all you want,” the Minister told Bridgen.

“It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.”

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