Former Clinton Press Secretary Joins Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign

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The press secretary for former Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign will join the Biden-Harris campaign as Vice President Kamala Harris’s communications director.

Fallon’s hiring was confirmed on Tuesday, and he will begin his role in January next year, the Washington Examiner reported.

Harris’s campaign chief of staff, Sheila Nix, said in a statement:

“Brian brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on the issues that matter most to the American people.”

“We’re thrilled to have him join the team, and know he will be a huge asset to reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris.”

Fallon once served as the executive director of the liberal group Demand Justice since it was founded in 2018.

During his time, Fallon focused on pushing for liberal judges in the federal court system.

He even criticized Biden and other Democrats for failing to do enough to remake the federal judiciary.

Demand Justice became a leading voice that called for the expansion of the Supreme Court, which the Biden administration has never pursued.

“We always think that the White House could be doing more,” Fallon said.

“The president has a very old school institutionalist-minded approach to the Supreme Court, where he doesn’t want to actively be seen as reducing public confidence, even if the court deserves it.”

Fallon’s hiring quipped the ears of the Republican National Committee, who noted a 020 tweet of Fallon’s which has since been deleted.

The RNC wrote:

“Meet Kamala’s new campaign communications director.”

“Defund the police.”

The news comes amid Hillary Clinton’s re-emergence in Biden’s re-election fight.

Clinton’s role in Biden’s 2024 campaign is expected to grow in 2024. Still, she is a placeholder for former President Obama, who will jump headlong into the campaign season.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval numbers are at an all-time low as former President Donald Trump takes the lead in key swing states.