Kathy Griffin Unable to Speak Due to Vocal Chord Surgery

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Anti-Trump “comedian” Kathy Griffin is unable to speak after undergoing surgery; she revealed on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

Griffin, 62, is recovering but suffering scarring and swelling.

“Vocal cord surgery went well,” Griffin wrote.

“As you can see, some scarring and swelling. It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back.”

The comedian previously revealed she opted for the surgery to alleviate complications suffered during lung cancer surgery.

She revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer in August of 2021, but later that year, she said she was cancer-free.

The surgery for her cancer had left her left vocal cord “permanently paralyzed,” as well as having half of her left lung removed.

The comedian announced she will not be able to speak for two weeks following the surgery.

“So, anyway, I’m never nervous before surgery and I’ve had quite a few,” she wrote.

“But I am a little nervous about this one ’cause it’s my voice and I’ve already gone through it once with the voice problem.”

“Anyway, wish me luck, and I can’t talk at all for two weeks, which is going to drive me crazy. So I’ll be watching a lot of TikTok, and I won’t be making any.”

Girffin’s career took a nose dive in 2017 after sharing a photo of herself holding up a fake, decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

Since then, she complained she was unable to get work.

“I’m sorry to announce that I’m still very much blacklisted,” Griffin said in 2020.

“I’ve literally had three days of paid work in the past year.”

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