Crazed LGBTQ Influencer Demands Biden Assassinate Trump: ‘Blow Him Up!’

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An unhinged LGBTQ TikTok influencer with over one million followers has called on Joe Biden to “take out” former president Donald Trump out and “blow him up.”

The video directly responded to the Supreme Court ruling granting Trump immunity from prosecution for core official acts.

White House Counsel’s Office spokesman Ian Sams shared a brief reaction to the rule]ing, stating, “As President Biden has said, nobody is above the law.”

“That is a core American principle and how our system of justice works. We need leaders like President Biden who respect the justice system and don’t tear it down.”

The ruling has ignited a wave of meltdowns from liberals, many of whom claimed the former president would use his immunity to take out his enemies.

One such video was this one below, where a liberal TikTok influencer flatly called on Biden to assassinate Trump.

“I’m seriously done,” the influencer rants.

“The Supreme Court has p**sed me off so much right now.”

“Joe, you’re a reasonable man, you don’t want to do this, but here’s the reality…this is a f**king war!”

“We are fighting for our f**king country, and these a**holes are going to take it away!”

“F**k you, Clarence Uncle Thomas, “Fk you!”

“Joe, you now have the right to take that b**ch Trump out. Take him out, Joe!”

“If he was Hitler and this was 1940, you’d take him out!”

“Well, he is Hitler, and this is 1940; take him the f**k out!”

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