Ohio Sheriff Issues Major Warning to Americans Over Unprecedented ‘Border Invasion’

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When we think of an “invasion,” we usually conjure up images of warplanes and tanks, not an open border allowing millions of military-aged men to pour into the U.S. from around the world.

Such a realization, no matter how hard a pill it is to swallow, was conveyed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who bluntly asked Tucker Carlson why America was so hellbent on fighting for Ukraine’s border while refusing to defend its own.

It’s a good question.

Regardless of what you think about Putin, one thing can be said for the Russian leader: he puts his country’s interests first.

Here is a quick recap from the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin:

Since Donald Trump “lost” the election to Joe Biden in 2020, the “America last” agenda ramped up to a terrifying pace. The agenda is now fuelled by gaslighting and leftist “woke” narratives deployed by the globalist propaganda media machine.

The border situation is so bad that even the head of the FBI has been forced to alert local law enforcement agencies in a meeting last week.

What’s even more infuriating is Biden even blamed Trump and “MAGA Republicans” for the border crisis, you know…the one he created?

Let’s rewind. Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days in office to ultimately weaken security at the border. Since then, America has been flooded with millions of military-age men from third-world countries.

On Wednesday, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones shared details about a meeting he attended in Washington, D.C., in a press conference.

The meeting featured a discussion with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

According to Jones, the president had point-blank refused to meet with the 3,300 sheriffs about the exploding violent crimes across the country as a result of the border crisis.

“We were also told by Mr. Ray, the FBI director, that there are more red flags going off now than before 9-11,” Jones said.

Below is some of the transcript of the sheriff’s press conference – via Wall Street Apes.

“China has safe houses in every state in the United States.”

“They’re bringing something here to cause us harm. You have to believe that. China has safe houses in every state in the United States. My name is Rick Jones. I’m the Butler County Sheriff, Butler County, Ohio. I just came back from the National Sheriff’s Training in D.C. three days ago, two days ago. We were briefed by the FBI director Ray, the director of the FBI, and several federal agencies. There are 3,300 sheriffs in the United States.

The President of the United States refuses to meet with the sheriffs of the 3,300. We have a hierarchy. We have a president. We have a vice president. The President of the United States refuses to meet with the sheriffs.

He also refuses to meet with the police chiefs of the United States. They have a hierarchy also. He refuses to meet with them to talk about border issues or talk about crime that’s going on because of the border issue. We were also told by Mr. Ray, the FBI director, that there are more red flags going off now than before 9-11. Okay?

When I say red flags, meaning people that are here in this country that are wanting to do harm to us. We were also explained we’re bombing two countries right now. Two countries. These people do not like us before this started. There are thousands of people here from other countries, 160 different countries. They’re here not to be our friends.

Some of them are coming because they’re wanting to come here to the best country in the world, the way we see it. Some are coming here to do harm to us. And we were told by the FBI director, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. We were also told five sheriffs went to Israel five weeks after the attack. The only thing that saved the Israelis, their government was the local police. They were outgunned, outmanned. They came over. The Palestinians did. They came over. They killed, raped. The sheriffs were there. They talked to the police. The local police are what saved that country. You can’t just call, even in Israel, you can’t just call the military up, and they’re going to be there, okay? They went house to house, raping, killing. The Israeli police.

When our guys got there, the sheriffs said, they just don’t hate us. They hate you guys equally. And the same people that train them are the same people that train people to hate us.

The FBI director said when 9-11 hit, there’s more red flags now than then. So, and he said, these are people that want to kill us and do harm to us. Now, so you’re wondering, I want everybody to know what I know.

I can’t tell you everything, but I want the public to know that we are in a terrible way right now. The United States, and I’m going to get to the local.

The United States, we’re on the defense. You can’t be just defense and not have an offense. We have no offense. We’re just defense. We’re absorbing these attacks. We’re in other countries. We’re supplying them with weapons. We’re supplying them with our treasure, our money. And we’re not doing much back home. So.

With that in mind, we were also told that they’re going, this is from the federal government, three days ago. They’re going to attack our elections.”

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