Doctors Sound Alarm About Cancer Epidemic in Young People: ‘We’ve NEVER Seen This Before’

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Top doctors are warning that they are diagnosing an unprecedented amount of healthy young people with cancers, which are typically seen in older people.

Specialist clinicians have reported much larger numbers of young and healthy people developing cancers.

The UK Telegraph reports:

“One study that looked at data from Northern Ireland between 1993 and 2019 found the rate of early-onset cancers increased by 20.5 percent, the equivalent of about 7,000 extra cases a year across the UK.”

Doctors Baffled

Health experts and doctors alike are voicing their confusion over the new cancer trend, which is primarily centered on the abdominal area.

Prof Andrew Beggs, a consultant colorectal surgeon and senior clinical fellow at the University of Birmingham, said he has never seen such an increase in cancers.

“When I started as a cancer surgeon 20 years ago, you rarely saw any younger patients, but now I see them regularly,” he said.

“When they turn up they are shocked, because often they haven’t had any symptoms and because of their age they are not thinking about cancer,” he added.

Dr Shivan Sivakumar, an associate professor of oncology at the University of Birmingham, also noted that the massive increase in cancer is unprecedented.

“There is an epidemic currently of young people getting cancer (under 50s),” he said.

“It is unknown the cause of this, but we are seeing more patients getting abdominal cancers.”

Scientists are suggesting that the cancer could be due to genetics or caused by “possible changes to the microbiome” and gut bacteria,

They do not see the elephant in the room.

As we highlighted earlier this month, reports emerged that cancer rates in young people soared by 79 percent.

Since the vaccine rollout, nearly every country around the world has experienced a surge in “aggressive cancers” in those under 50 years old.

Out of those countries, Australia has seen the highest number of cancer diagnoses, with a rate of 135 per 100,000 people.

According to a top pathologist, Ivana Pavic, the frightening cancer explosion is due to a large bulk of the population receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“You don’t expect to have lots of malignant diseases diagnosed in the 15 – 55 age group; you expect to diagnose such diseases in the age group 64 and older.”

“It’s important to note that all newly diagnosed carcinomas took the jab in 2021. In my hospital, we had 780 newly diagnosed carcinomas in the age group 55 and younger, with 560 of whom took one or more jabs. So this is 65% of the overall number of cancer diagnoses who took the jab.”

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